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 Born in Calgary, AB, Canada, I was raised both in the praires, as well as the interior of BC before moving to Vancouver at 17. Immediately upon arriving, I began college at the Art Institute of Vancouver (currently LaSalle College) where I studied Animation Art and Design. Two years of full time, year round school and a terrible waitress job later, I graduated Best in Show and with two new job offers in hand. 
     I started working as a junior animator on Disney and Cartoon Network animated series such as, "Slugterra", &, "Endangered Species".

As time passed, I moved up the corporate ladder, different companies and productions came and went and now, five years later, I am directing animation for Disney's Elena of Avalor. 

    My passion for art has been present my entire life, whether it be in the form of drawing, painting, pottery, lampworking, photography, writing–you name it, I love it all. But my desire to create has become far stronger these past couple years. I'm inspired to make my personal art available for others to enjoy, not just myself. I hope you enjoy looking at my work, if you want to keep up with me via Instagram, or here on my website don't forget to follow/subscribe or reach out via email! 

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