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Jaimie is an multi-faceted artist based in North Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Jaimie moved to Invermere, British Columbia at the age of ten, where she was introduced to numerous artistic mediums such as, acrylic, oil and watercolour paint, pottery, glassblowing, jewelry making, textiles and analog photography. She left Invermere at seventeen to embark on her artistic journey through animation at the former Art Institute of Vancouver where she achieved high success and Best in Show.

For the last decade, Jaimie has worked professionally in the fast paced animation industry as an Animator, Lead, Director, & now, Series Animation Director for Disney/Pixar's Monsters At Work. 

The last ten years have allowed Jaimie to grow into a well rounded artist with great range in style, aesthetic and choice of medium.  

About the artist

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